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Edge is built to support merchants in all 50 states and encourages them to follow the commerce and pricing laws in their specific state. Edge also is designed to support true cash discount. The programming allows for the merchant to decide how they price their items in accordance with their state laws.

PA Smart Terminal Mini w/EDGE

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PA Smart Terminal w/EDGE

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Edge Transaction Example:

Edge is NAB’s innovative solution that combines our Flat Rate Pricing and Cash Discount Programs. Our Edge Program sets both a “cash” price and an “other payment” price to every item and empowers you to:

Sign more merchants

Help merchants secure one low rate on every transaction

Reduce merchant attrition

Grow your portfolio

In addition, our new EDGE program is now available on the Payanywhere app, so all your merchants can benefit! Running the Edge Program on Payanywhere:

For merchants who are running a small to mid-sized business, nothing is more important than maintaining cash flow. With EDGE you can help merchants increase cash flow by helping them reduce their processing fees. Our innovative Edge program features:

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